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Near East University Scholarship Exam

The biggest Scholarship Exam in the middle-east for students from all over the Arab world!

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About NEU

One of the biggest universities in Northern Cyprus

The NEU offers the most extensive undergraduate and postgraduate education opportunities for over 30 thousand students coming from over 100 countries.

Why Near East University 

NEU is an Academic Institution

Near east university hospital

Near East Hospital

Near East University Hospital was built in 2010 on the basis of a private hospitaland provides 36 departments using the latest technology equipment at standards that exceed those found in Europe.


Dental Hospital

the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation institution certifies its quality as the first dentistry faculty hospital with full quality approved in the world


Dental Hospital

With awareness of veterinarians having important responsibilities regarding animal health and welfare, food safety and public health issues, fully-fledged animal hospital came into service


Grand Library

Covering 15,000 m2 of indoor space, this gigantic complex brings out world-class standards of Library concept to our island, not only in terms of its size but also with the extensive services it offers.


Electric Car Factory

the domestic and national car of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, started with the visionary approach of Near East University. The birth of GÜNSEL developed by Turkish engineers and designers throughout 1.2 million hours of effort.


Innovation Center

The Near East University, in cooperation with IBM, has established the NEU Innovation and Information Technologies Center which is the center of research-development and innovation facilities, and the basis of NEU TechnoPark.

Recognized by Highest Accreditation Association

About the Scholarship

One Exam, Bright Future

100% Scholarship

Depending on your exam mark, you can get a 100% scholarship free of tuition fees. GUARANTEED!

Online Exam

The scholarship exam is online. You can apply from anywhere in the world if you fulfill the conditions.

It's Free

The admission is free. Our services are free! All you need to do is apply and fill in your application form.

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